Tokyo Escape is an infinite runner that takes place in the Tokyo streets. You play as a prisoner who just recently escaped the Fuchū prison. The police are coming after you and are sending everything they got. How long can you survive this chase? Let's find out!


  • Jump - W
  • Slide - S


  • You can jump on top of ANY obstacle if you time it properly, excluding the dogs.
  • Grab the Orange Invincibility Star to become invincible (excluding dogs) for a short duration.


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Fun game! Great neon aesthetics are very pleasing. The speed of the running I think is right. The obstacles are difficult enough. I feel that I can stay engaged with the different forms of speeds of each obstacle; bullets are one, dogs are a little faster, and the hydrants and trashcans are not moving. Power up item is a great addition. A few issues were only that sometimes the obstacle would be right behind a lamppost, jumping over one obstacle would not allow you to jump over other obstacle in time. But other than that, really great game!